I one, and their

I one, and their consider that it is difficult, single mother Tracey Ellmor who had triplets sighed.

I one, and their three ' About a quarter of all families in Great Britain are families with one parent and which about million children are brought up.

Certainly, it is a hard work, especially if you have financial difficulties or you do not have enough support of people around.

But it should not prevent to you to apply a positive approach to behavior of your child.

I do not want to change the behavior in relation to Keanu, Tamara Karrera spoke, because I do not want, that people paid to me attention.

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Remove fat from

Remove fat from Besides, the fresh food is always more tasty.

As it is correct to cook food Carefully wash up fruit or vegetables before submitting them on a table or to prepare.

It is best of all to wash them with a special brush for vegetables.

Remove fibrous and rigid sites, husk, cut out stones, sunflower seeds everythin than the child can choke.

Remove fat from meat or a bird.

Fruit or the vegetables prepared on pair, keep more vitamins and nutrients, than welded in water.

Use water in which vegetables cooked, adding it in soups or sauces.

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Each time. when

Each time. when You can discuss in advance with the children that they had a clear idea concerning what you expect from them.

and possible punishment.

and M drew with Elson the table punishment for nineyear Shelby and Tanner and agreed.

that if they will fight, will waste time of game on their prizewinning game console.

In the table their daily time of game on to a prefix was divided by a pas six cells for five minutes everyone.

Each time.

when boys behaved badly, in the table drew a dagger, and they wasted the time.

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And nevertheless, despite

And nevertheless, despiteOh, if only it would be possible to count up, what number of manuals is the share of kg of weight of this baby at least one minute.

Something will turn out improbable.

Boltushechka, as the raked target, the hostage of education all the time tasting all bitterness of our educational seasonings.

And nevertheless, despite of it, its constantly broken but or the scratched cheek victoriously announce that Katenka found the answer on new why, it is red knowing that will be then.

And how mother begged, the baby firmly holds the ground and does not wish it to make way to renounce the begun searches.

Bad habits of good children.

Boltushechka learns the whole world while we, sly, unable to understand even essence of own child.

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When Tanya, Rachael

When Tanya, Rachael When Tanya, Rachael and Stephen started to work with the families, one of the first questions which they set, was Whether you when such behavior began can define What occurred at this time For parents often there came the truth moment when they understood that can connect a certain behavior of children with the intense moments or difficulties in their own life in the past.

Children surprisingly well perceive mood fluids in the family so it is necessary to consider problems which arose in a family when children started to behave in this way.

Whether you were suppressed or were nervous Whether you faced divorce, loss of work or a bereavement All this influences your child.

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